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When I was a child, I had a three-part vision of what my future would entail and what my contribution to the world would be. When I look back now, I see all along this vision was really my journey to lead with love by inspiring vitality in others on their quest to creating global impact.

I grew up in Saskatchewan and I went to university in my hometown and completed a degree in psychology and business.

While my path was a rather traditional one, my goals and my vision for my future were not.

My vision had three parts, and each milestone in my life, big or small, has been woven through the realization of this vision. Lifelong whispers, (and sometimes shouts) of “Follow your bliss!” have shaped everything I’ve done.

Here’s how:

The first part of my vision was seeing people walk out of an unspecified location with their hearts full, feeling fully alive, and with their hands open and facing upward.

The first time I ever did yoga, I realized what this unspecified location was: a yoga studio. I went on to do thousands of hours of teacher training and yoga practice while I also worked at a pharma company. While the yoga was the beginning of a bigger path for me, I knew working for a pharma company was not. I persevered for more than seven years until I accepted that I was being called for a bigger vision. In order for me to respond to this calling from my soul, I needed to learn to love and trust myself in a whole new way. While I didn’t go on to make a single small studio come to life, I succeeded at bringing a yoga community together to create global impact. It was my excitement and passion surrounding this vision that brought the forces and individuals together (notably my business partner and YYoga co-founder Terry McBride), ultimately leading to building Canada’s largest yoga community with 13 studios between Vancouver and Toronto.

YYoga became a spiritual gateway for people to connect to a daily practice through their souls.


The second part of my vision was a grocery store that only sold fruits and veggies.

Again, the details of what this vision meant weren’t clear… at first. As YYoga was reaching its peak, I started my own family as a new wife and mom, doing my best to be fully present while balancing work and family. From this place, I lost and found my health which led me on another journey of healing and entrepreneurship. The universe conspired and brought me a partner (Tori Holmes) to co-create the vision of nourishing the world with fruits and veggies with Nectar Juicery.


When I had my second child and hemorrhaged upon delivery, this lead to a cascade of thyroid related problems (Hashimoto’s) and a subsequent four-year journey of healing. Part of this journey was to share my understanding that food was healing, and could be used to heal the body when the soul and the body are aligned.

Through my resolve during a fierce and challenging journey, combined with working with a team of healers who align with my firm belief that when given the right support, the body can heal itself, I’ve put my Hashimoto’s in the past and I am enjoying a whole new vitality in life. Now, Nectar is walking on its own and my partner is ready to take it to the next level. This has given me the opportunity to focus more on my family and to nourish my community. I do this by supporting entrepreneurs to lead from their heart and create a thriving business – which leads directly to the third part of my vision.

As a child, I pictured doctors who only treated healthy people.

It sounded counter-intuitive until I realized what it really meant: I was to work with radiant, passionate, soul inspired individuals ready to commit to their vision and have their vision become even more of a reality. This is why I am fiercely committed to inspiring, supporting, and celebrating men and women in their first five years of business to take their ideas to the next level: Individuals who are already great (because you are!) to become EVEN BETTER and live their absolute best life and become the fullest expression of themselves.

This was the final piece of my vision that has led me to be here: helping you realize YOUR vision and supporting you in living your most wildly happy, abundant, and fulfilling life.

Contact me today and bring your vision to life.


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