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“I approached Lara because I perceived and felt the readiness inside and around myself to create, grow and experience a better life for myself, in all realms. The result was and is unraveling itself on the daily. I can see and feel that I am consciously making the changes and embodying them. I am doing the work, the practices and reaping the benefits with my eye and mind aligned with my highest Self holding the reins.. or the grip on the wild mane! One thing I found absolutely incredible/awesome the connection and the relationship and trust built between us and mainly in myself. Lara, is particularly amazing and magnificent as a human, woman, a mother, a friend, a coach, and she excels and consistently and fluidly looks at and moves in the direction of observing her own and other’s humanness. From that, she is committed in seeing & celebrating the darkness and  the light in each one and using those to heighten and help them become and realize themselves, wholly and fully. I would (highly) recommend Lara to anyone ready to access a higher state of living and being and who is looking for guidance and a skillful usher, coach, sound board, and consultant. My business is movement & holistic health and I specialize in yoga practice and lifestyle, movement and personal training, and massage/therapeutics.

Coco Finaldi

Yoga Teacher RYT-200, E-RYT-200 & Certified Personal Trainer, COCO FINALDI YOGA & CALISTHENICS

I started working with Lara when my husband and I were planning to open our own wellness clinic. Lara has a graceful and loving way of helping you see exactly what you need to reach the next level of success in your life and business. Lara helped me to get focused and clear on the kind of business I wanted to have and she really helped me work on the “Why.” Working with Lara and with her guidance, I was able to get clarity on how our business is ultimately here to serve the community and to inspire.

I have had a few breakthroughs coaching with Lara. She has helped me to move from being in fear to living in possibility and from having self-doubt to living with confidence.

My work with her keeps me feeling empowered and confident, I am so excited for my life and our business. After every session with Lara, I am clearer about my purpose, I feel more grounded, and more ready.

Lara is trustworthy, kind, and loving. She holds space with trust when needed and is generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend Lara to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level and those who are ready to live a soul-driven and purposeful life.

I am a Registered Acupuncturist and healer, and thanks to Lara, I know I am wise and powerful.

Patricia Petersen

Petersen Wellness

I was fortunate enough to meet Lara through the Soul’s Strategy Program and quickly felt a connection and comfortable to approach her as my coach. I was beginning to feel slightly burnt out in my business and wanted to improve my time management and life balance. The result was amazing: I had a new weekly schedule within our first hour of coaching. Now after sticking to it, I am able to spend quality time on projects that are going to forward my business while also creating containers for ‘me’ time that ultimately enhance my clarity, creativity, and peace of mind.

One thing I love about Lara is that she is so incredibly positive and understanding, yet also has an underlying and educated intuition that is uncannily accurate. Because she has so much experience in the world of business AND health/healing, I felt like I could completely trust her to give me the advice I needed. I felt like she could relate to everything I was going through.

I would recommend Lara to anybody who runs business from the heart, but also anybody who may consider themselves an empath or maybe sensitive to a harsh a approach of coaching, as she is so great at gently guiding and course correcting while also keeping the end goal in mind.

Joanna Delaney

Designer and Dressmaker, Joanna Delaney Design & Dressmaking

“I approached Lara when I opened my boutique skincare practice. I wanted guidance in breaking the big picture down into smaller steps. Lara is particularly good at reading between the lines and unveiling what is coming up for the person she coaches. She gives a great mix of thoughtful advice and tangible action steps. This is the perfect cocktail that has her clients running successful heart-centered business’s. I would highly recommend Lara to anyone starting a business or anyone that wants to bring their business to the next level, in a way that feels good in their heart and bank account!”

Amanda Hlatky

Glow Dermal Therapy

Lara is a positive, upbeat, motivating, inspiring, and incredibly smart person who is endlessly generous with her gifts. With Lara’s help, I’ve become clear on my goals for my business, as well as its structure. The time management skills I’ve learned from Lara have transformed my work/life balance into something that not only feels good, but that is doable and effective. Lara has a way of reminding you that even your accomplishments that don’t seem particularly consequential are, in fact, something to be celebrated. I encourage you to work with Lara in any capacity you can, as Lara will leave your heart, your life, and your business lit up from the inside out.

Chelsea Kram

Founder, Clear Clever Confident

I approached Lara because  I needed some help in creating systems and clarity around my business model. The result was Lara helping me get crystal clear around the pricing structure of my products and services and also helped me transition into my Zone of Genius and hire people to help me with the tasks I am not so strong or motivated about doing. She facilitated the next phase of growth in my company and I have been reaping the benefits ever since.

One thing I found absolutely awesome was getting the Zone of Genius print out and being able to fill out the 4 different quadrants. It helps me daily to see the things I need to be doing instead of “have to” be doing for maximum growth.  Also, the cash flow chart was super helpful to see where I would be at months down the line. It gives a good foundation to base your sales and model on.
Lara is particularly exceptional at growing small business and creating systems and structures that excel your companies growth whether you’re wanting to be “in”  your business or not.
I would highly recommend Lara to anyone who desires a big shift in their small business and is searching for strategies and guidance on how to grow the net worth of their company and how to hire and implement staff into your space that compliment and encourage growth so you can have the business/life of your dreams.

Adera Angelucci

Co-Founder Spiro Creative, Spiro Creative

I approached Lara because I was looking for help with the marketing aspect of my coaching business, and the result was a sense of clarity from packaging my ideas and strategies into a coaching program that I feel confident and proud of.
One thing I found absolutely incredible was Lara’s ability to bring out the best in me.  Lara is particularly gifted at being fully present while staying focused on achieving the outcome of each session.
I would highly recommend Lara to anyone who wants to share their deepest gifts with the world and make a successful business of it.

Kevin Eftekhari


I approached Lara to mentor my business through the FWE program because of her inspiring success, enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, and her kind spirit. The result has been as expected. Lara is understanding, intuitive, wise and experienced and my business has directly benefited from this.
One thing I found absolutely incredible/awesome was how Lara immediately understood me! She recognized my strengths and also my tendency to push myself too hard which is very valuable to be aware of!
Lara is particularly amazing at mindset work and digging deep to make us understand where our fears are coming from so we can work through them to become our best selves. I would highly recommend Lara to anyone seeking to up-level in business or lifestyle.

Amber-Lee Schneider

Humble Lifestyle

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