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One of my favorite ways to connect with large groups is through speaking engagements. The energy of a group of any size coming together with a common goal or interest is the catalyst for profoundly positive changes in business and in life. I offer three signature talks meant to inspire, teach, and motivate listeners to take action and make these positive changes in their lives. Each talk has been cultivated around specific goals and offering proven strategies to empower and encourage.

I am honoured to have presented at the following events, podcasts, and conferences:

Signature Talks

Conscious Business

  • The Real Business Advantage: Illuminate yourself and business, inside out” 
  • Create your Legacy: How to Lead with Love in Business
  • The Yoga of Business: Essential Pillars for Success in any business


  • Create Everyday Vitality: Whole Health as a Practice 
  • Daily Practices that create a Miraculous life 
  • Why Yoga? : The case for anyone and everyone to do yoga


  • How Yoga activates your Intuition
  • The Power of listening to the whispers of your soul
  • The Power of I AM. 
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Lara Kozan